Hmmm…DeJuan Blair is pretty tough, isn’t he?

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I wonder if the Golden State Warriors could use a MAN who, in his first NBA action, had 19 boards in 22 minutes, then followed that up with 28 points in 26 minutes in his second night of action. A man who dominated Hasheem Thabeet in college, even threw him over his shoulder, literatlly (see video).

A man as wide as he is tall. A man about whom Spurs teammate Antonio McDyess said:

“He listens and he’s a good guy. He’s different that way than a lot of young guys that come in the league. Plus, he’s a beast. A lot of teams need to kick themselves in the butt. He’s a heck of a player.”

The beasts name is DeJuan Blair. He was taken by the Spurs with the 37th pick in the draft. Yes, 37 comes in the middle of the second round, give-away territory. Greg Poppovich, who has McDyess, Ratliff, and, umm.., the Big Fundamental, had a crazy idea that such a beast might help out, that big strong guys who can throw Hasheem Thabeet over their shoulder are important to NBA teams. That DeJuan Blair might be worth a mid-second-round pick (I can just see Popovich’s smug smile as he watches Blair dominate).

The Warriors have three big men who barely reach 200 pounds with their high-tops on and get pushed around by every team in the league. Stephen Curry had just fallen in their laps, which was fantastic, but meant that they weren’t getting Amari Stoudemire. DeJuan Blair kept falling, and falling, and yet the Warriors brass couldn’t quite come up with the imagination or energy to obtain a second round pick. Were they drunk already, overjoyed about the Curry pick? Did they think Marco Bellinelli was too important to give up for, say, a pick in the 30-37 range?

They weren’t the only team that snoozed on this one–just about the whole league passed on Blair, a bad knees report gone viral being the culprit. But every other team has their Paul Millsap, except the wimpy kid Warriors. How could they not go get DeJuan Blair?


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