Can’t Touch This! Crabtree Signs

October 7, 2009 at 5:34 pm | Posted in 49ers | 4 Comments

With the help of M.C. Hammer, Michael Crabtree has signed, and the 49ers are now true title contenders. The dealMC_Hammer_-_Greatest_Hits_Front-1_S.jpg image by saharachintha was hammered out in a  session between noon yesterday and 4 am this morning.

This will not be a lost year, as happened with JeMarcus Russell of the Raiders when he signed late. The transition to the NFL is tough for a receiver, but the learning curve is nothing like that of a quarterback. And Russell has proven that his first year failure might be related more to his true ability than his holdout.

If you really want to see this in a positive light, take into account that Crabtree is coming off foot surgery and this holdout gave him some extra time to recover. He may also be fresher near the end of the season than he might have been, something quite important for a rookie.

Singletary announced that Crabtree won’t play this sunday, and the Niners have a bye the next week. So the fireworks will begin in Houston October 25. I expect two touchdowns. As Singletary said in the press conference today:

What we saw on the film in college, let it be on the film in the pros. It’s as simple as that.

Kawakami has the entire transcript of the interview if you’d like to see it.



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  1. Personally, he would not have signed at 4am if the 49ers were 0-4. But he must have been watching how the team has come together this season under Singletary and to Crabtree being on a winning team is a must. I think the fans should boo him during his first two games –have him prove himself worthy to be on the team. Then maybe we will come around.

    He has got a lot of growing up to do and I hope this team, Singletary and the fans will teach him a thing or two.

  2. I am very happy. Besides Isaac Bruce, there receivers arent very good. But I honestly dont understand the MC Hammer unless its just the initials. This is a playoff year, as they said on Sports Center.

  3. I do not fault an NFL player for trying to get the best deal. NFL careers are generally short and the money is not all guaranteed. That being said, I really wonder how big an impact Crabtree will have. The problem with the niners is not at wide receiver, not at quarterback, and certainly not at running back. The problem is with the hogs up front. Fix that and the niners could make a run at this thing…….don’t fix it and you could sign a young Jerry Rice and still not go far. I would have traded the rights to Crabtree for a STUD up front.

  4. Problem is QB

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