Bumgarner on the mound tonight!

September 8, 2009 at 4:15 pm | Posted in Giants | 6 Comments
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Bumgarner card just went up in value

In a bold, brilliant move, Bruce Bochy just announced that Madison Bumgarner will start tonight in place of the injured Tim Lincecum. The good news is that its Lincecum’s back, not his arm. The fun news is that the 20 year old Bumgarner just got out of high school two years ago, and now he’s taking the mound in a pennant-race at AT&T.

For you older readers, let’s hope Bumgarner takes the majors by storm like the 19 year-old Dwight Gooden in 1984.

Thanks to John Shea and Henry Schulman, along with loyal readers Sal and Minerva for the scoop.

And thanks to the Giants for the fun! Go Madison and Go U-RIBE!




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  1. Thanks Prof talk…here’s an update…Molina catching tonight…not the dream matchup of Bumgarder and Posey! Something very fishy going on…

  2. Lincecum is not hurt….huge hoax that did not go to plan. Giants tried to steal a win vs. Padres last night going with kid hoping to get 2 starts out of Lincecum vs. Dodgers and Rockies. Look for Lincecum to make an “incredible” recovery just in time for Friday nights game and go 8 shutout innings.

    • Reiswig maybe right…

      Lincecum says it’s not serious

      Tim Lincecum, speaking for the first time about his back ailment, said moments ago the injury isn’t serious and he expects to return to the mound soon.

      “I feel fine,” he said. “The steps I’ve taken in the last 48 or 60 hours, my back has gotten a lot better. I don’t see why I can’t make it out there in a few days. They’ve taken the right steps. They don’t need to push it right now.”
      Lincecum said he didn’t know for sure he wouldn’t start last night’s game until 3:30 p.m. Shortly thereafter, manager Bruce Bochy met with the media to make it official, saying his ace has an issue on the left side of his lower back and would be replaed by newomer Madison Bumgarner

      “I had treatment to see if it would get me back to feeling normal, and by the time I got here yesterday and they did more treatment on me, they made a last-minute kind of decision,” Lincecum said. “I was hoping it would get better. Sometimes it gets better faster than this, sometimes it doesn’t. I feel I made the right steps in the last couple of days.”

      He said he didn’t try throwing a ball yesterday but is considering doing it today.

      “They said don’t do anything that would upset this right now. It’s hard for me. I have all this energy and want to move around, especially when I’m starting to feel normal again. Next thing you know, you overdo something.”

      When will he start?

      “I have no idea. I think I could play catch today. It’s up to the trainers. They’ll make that decision, but obviously their decision is based on what I tell them.”

      Through it all, he’s not conccerned.

      “I don’t think it’s that serious. The correction my back has taken to get better and treatment they’ve done to it has made me feel better. I feel looser again. At the same time, you’ve got to take the right steps.”

      His next scheduled start is Monday against the Rockies. He usually throws his between-starts session two days before a start, which would be Saturday.

      “If my back will take these (same) jumps in the next day or half-day, I don’t see why I couldn’t start in the next four days.”

      Is he ruling out pitching in this weekend’s Dodger series?

      “I’m not. I want to pitch right now,” he said. “But it’s what my back will take and what my body will let me do right now. I’ve got to take it easy and get it better before I make it worse. You know what I’m saying?”

      Today’s lineup: LF Torres, 2B Sanchez, 1B Sandoval, C Molina, 3B Uribe, SS Renteria, CF Rowand, RF Schierholtz, LHP Zito.

      Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/giants/detail?entry_id=47180&tsp=1#ixzz0QdWWe6Pm

      • nice try Boche……I actually liked the idea of stealing that win and getting 2 starts in the next 6 games from the boy wonder…………..not buying it and the proof will be if he pitches Friday night….

        Bochy ridiculed “conspiracy theories” fostered by fans and Internet sources suggesting that the Giants faked Lincecum’s injury to engineer a way for him to face Los Angeles this weekend.

        “Every game’s important,” Bochy said, conscious that the Giants trailed NL Wild Card leader Colorado by three games with 23 to play for each team entering Wednesday. “I wouldn’t take away a possible start for him. It’s crazy for me to skip him to bring up a kid [Madison Bumgarner] to pitch up here against a team [San Diego] that has been playing pretty well.”


      • uh oh…….maybe he really was hurt……….never mind

  3. http://bit.ly/38RnNm

    Here’s an entertaining story from Jim Caple/ESPN. “Bring B. Bonds back!’…Prof Talk run with the story…

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