Another Wasted Gem

September 3, 2009 at 6:31 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Giants lose 2-1 to the Phillies. Another amazing Lincecum effort is wasted.

Memo-72x72Memo to Bruce Bochy:

Under the following conditions:

  • late innings
  • 1-1 game
  • no outs
  • runner at second
  • .250 hitter with no power
  • Lincecum pitching


Memo-72x72Memo to Bengie Molina:

Under the following conditions:

  • 9th inning
  • 3-1 count
  • pitch in the dirt

Don’t swing.

Memo-72x72Memo to Brian Sabean:

Under the following conditions:

  • no power
  • no speed
  • poor on-base average

Don’t sign a guy.



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  1. Memo to Pablo Sandoval
    – say hello to Mr. Saladbar little more

    Further memo to Boche
    – Wynn will not find his 2006 form
    – Mr. Boche, let me introduce you to Mr. Schierholtz

  2. They are reporting Bumgarner will pitch instead of Lincecum tonight. I am scared! Lincecum can not be hurt, not now, not ever!

    ProfTalk where are you to comment on this new development?!?!?

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