If Brian Sabean Wasn’t Covering his Ass

August 1, 2009 at 8:39 am | Posted in Giants | 3 Comments

Madison Baumgartner

The Giants will only make the post-season if they catch lightning in a bottle. The bad news is you don’t catch lightning with mediocre talents like Randy Winn, Bengie Molina, and the newly acquired Ryan Garko. The good news is that the talent they do have, in the show and below, is so exceptional they might be able to pull it off if.

To have a chance, management would have to make some bold moves and ruffle some big veteran feathers.  Essentially, Brian Sabean would have to tell the owners: ‘It’s not just Dave Roberts and Barry Zito. I threw even more money away than you thought’. But taking responsiblity for some (more) obvious mistakes is the only way Sabean can redeem himself.

Here’s the moves:

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Buster Posey

1. Bring up Buster Posey and play him everyday at catcher.

Bengie Molina has regressed, both offensively and defensively. He has a .260 on-base percentage. If he does get on it takes three hits to score him. Do you think the 5-8 batters like hitting behind him? He is  the only player in history to be left in the middle of the lineup all season with such an anemic on-base. And he is the slowest runner ever to play in the majors, no less hit fourth.

Defensively, he is a passed ball/wild pitch waiting to happen and can’t throw anyone out. Zito and others would rather pitch to someone else, even gray-hairs. Sorry to all you Bengie lover out there, but he is done.

And I know, Posey didn’t call his own pitches at Florida State. I’ve heard the line that  he needs to spend a year or two in the minors to learn how to call a game because Bobby Bowden or some other FSU coach called the pitches for him. This is idiotic. Righetti can call the pitches, and, seriously, do you think Bengie is a mastermind pitch-caller?

Bengie is example #1 of a guy who is playing everyday because Sabean signed him for too much money. Read on and you’ll see a pattern.

Eugenio Velez

2. Bench Randy Winn and play Schierholz, Rowand, and Velez. I know, Winn’s a good fielder. But listen, folks. The man has no power and no speed. I know, I know, he hit 8 homers the month after we traded for him. But that was about a decade ago. Since then, he’s hit five a year. You cannot win at the major league level with such productivity. The Phillies corner outfielders are both over 20 homeruns. O.K., that’s the Phillies. But even the Padre’s Chase Headly has nine, seven more than Randy. Even if Winn hits .300, its no good. He’s like Al Oliver at age 40, and even he is frustrated with himself.

Winn, by the way, makes over 8 million a year. He continues to play because Sabean would have to explain why another one of his $8 million dollar players can’t start on a major league team.

3. Release Renteria. He is so done. He was done last year. Everyone knew it but Sabean, who decided to give him $18 million dollars. $18 million. Scratching your head? He is playing because Sabean would fire Boche if he stopped playing him.

Jesus Guzman

Play Uribe there, or Frandsen. Neither will field worse, run the bases worse, or hit less than .252 with 2 homers. And neither will be less interested. That, I guarantee.

4. Play Jesus Guzman at 1B. Guzman hit .364 in AA in 2008. He’s hitting .336 at Fresno this year. He has pop. Are you really going to be more excited if Garko walks up to the plate four times? Now minor league stats don’t mean too much, but just for fun, here’s a comparison on Garko: he hit .330 in AA (1 year) and .280 at AAA, in three seasons and over 800 at bats. Hmmm…

5. Put Madison Baumgartner in the rotation.

Yes, he is 20 years old. But Dwight Gooden was 19. And what do you have to lose? The great Sadowski?

If the Giants are going to win this year, it will be because they struck lightning. With their pitching. Bring the kid up and see what happens. Do you think he could possibly fare worse than Sadowski? And how fun would it be? Life is short!

Starting Line-up

Velez, LF
Shierholz, RF
Sanchez, 2B
Sandoval, 3B
Guzman, 1B
Posey, C
Rowand, CF
Frandsen, SS





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  1. frandsen is no good. order should be

    posey should play but wont and he could play first or third with sandoval at the other

  2. This is scary……but I agree with EVERYTHING you suggested for the Giants………scary

  3. I cannot believe you would include Frandsen on your list. Even your mother knows better!

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